The HashiCorp Cloud Engineering Certifications are designed to help technologists demonstrate their expertise with fundamental capabilities needed in today’s multi-cloud world.

Organizations of all sizes have embraced cloud technology and are adopting a cloud operating model for their application workloads. This new model of computing is inherently multi-cloud and driven by a need for heterogeneous, on-demand, self-service infrastructure; identity-based secure access; and dynamic, flexible network perimeters separate from physical servers. We believe that the job of cloud engineer — and the mastery it requires over the new competencies in these multi-cloud environments — will play a critical role in helping thousands companies transform their IT investments.

We have created our Cloud Engineering Certifications so you can demonstrate your knowledge, capability, and expertise working with the de facto standard open source multi-cloud automation tools from HashiCorp. You can become certified today in Infrastructure Automation and Security Automation, with Network Automation coming later this year. The online, proctored, multiple-choice exams will assess fundamental knowledge for each discipline and evaluate core implementation skills using HashiCorp Terraform, Vault, and Consul.

Exam Preparation

To help you prepare for the certification exams, we have created three tools. First, if you are fairly new to HashiCorp products, we have built a curated list of Learn guides (Terraform, Vault), Katacoda scenarios, and documentation pages that cover the exam core objectives, organized sequentially to help practitioners learn from first principles. Second, if you are experienced with our tools, we have created a comprehensive review guide (Terraform, Vault) that identifies root documentation for each topic tested to help you pinpoint specific areas that you may want to brush up on. Third, we have provided examples of what types of questions to expect on the exam. These include multiple choice, multiple answer, and text match-style questions (Terraform, Vault).

Taking the Exam

The certification exams are taken online and facilitated by a proctor via video conferencing. The proctor verifies your identity, goes over exam procedures, and stays with you during your exam. You can take the exam at home or at work instead of driving to a testing center and there are exam appointment slots in all time zones. The proctor is responsible for ensuring that you don’t receive assistance (in-person, audio, or digital) during the exam, and that exam procedures are followed correctly for the duration of the test. To increase your likelihood of success, please make sure that you conduct the exam with a clear desk, where you will not be disturbed and can be visible via webcam for the whole test. You will get a list of the complete exam rules when you sign up.

Sharing Results

HashiCorp will inform you of your test results immediately upon exam completion. We have partnered with Credly’s Acclaim platform to offer you a digital badge upon passing the certification exam. There is no fee for this service and acceptance is up to you. Sharing your badge via social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter links back to a real-time verification feature that describes your qualifications and lets you gain instant recognition from your professional network. You can also include the badge in your email signature, digital resume, and embed it on your personal website or blog. Once you earn your first HashiCorp certification badge you can share it on social media with the #CloudEngineer and #TerraformCertified or #VaultCertified hashtags.

Schedule Your Certification Exam

The certification exams are managed through our exam platform partner and will require practitioners to create an account, purchase, schedule and take the exam. You can schedule a Terraform or Vault Associate exam today. Consul and advanced exams are coming soon.

We at HashiCorp are committed to helping you solve some of the most challenging cloud engineering problems. We expect that the HashiCorp Cloud Engineering Certifications will become the benchmarks for multi-cloud competency that enterprises, system integrators and technology companies will use to ensure the success of their digital infrastructure efforts.

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