By Kathryn Martini, Product Manager, APN Service Validation

AWS Service Delivery-1AWS Service Delivery Partners pass a high technical bar in order to participate in the AWS Service Delivery Program.

To achieve this designation, we validate AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partners who have deep expertise with specific AWS services, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon EC2 for Windows Server.

Once in the program, AWS Service Delivery Partners receive core program benefits that increase visibility with customers, offer chances to engage with AWS service teams, and provide access to deeper learning events and opportunities related to AWS services.

Benefits also include funding and discounts for specific AWS services, APN go-to-market (GTM) support, such as being featured on the APN Blog and APN TV.

In this post, I will review the benefits all our validated AWS Service Delivery Partners receive. I’ll also showcase program benefits that APN Partners are eligible for but require additional partner action to receive. There are also unique events that correlate with validated services, such as invitations to product roadmaps and Q&A with product teams

Core Benefits for AWS Service Delivery Partners

Within the first month after AWS Service Delivery Partners earn their designation, a welcome kit email is sent to your APN Alliance Lead. Included in this kit are extended benefit details so your team knows what to expect as a new AWS Service Delivery Partner.

The welcome kits also serve as a quick refresh on program benefits if your organization has attained additional AWS Service Delivery designations.

AWS Service Website Listing

Being featured on AWS product pages increases visibility with customers looking for up-to-date information about our AWS services. This provides recognition for your company on the AWS service web pages that correspond to your AWS service designations.

For example, check out these APN Partner listings on the AWS service pages for Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift.

Promotion to AWS Sales and Service Teams

The AWS Service Delivery Program team communicates with AWS sales and service teams on behalf of our validated partners. We showcase your AWS service-specific offerings and capabilities through internal forums, presentations, and promotional campaigns.

Building your AWS reputation is our team’s top priority. Your success is our success!

3,000 AWS Promotional Credits

Every AWS Service Delivery Partner is eligible to receive 3,000 AWS Promotional Credits once in 2020. Promo credits are emailed to APN Alliance Leads.

You gain access to credits in one of two ways. Either you’ll receive credits upon award of your first AWS Service Delivery designation in 2020. Or, if your company was in the program prior to January 1, 2020, you were emailed a promotional code in April.

Once redeemed in the AWS Management Console, these credits are applied to your AWS account and automatically deduct from your service usage. AWS Promotional Credits are provided in accordance with and subject to the AWS Promotional Credits Terms & Conditions.

Credits can be used however you want. Many AWS Service Delivery Partners use them to develop proofs of concept (POC), demonstrate architecture upgrades for customers, prepare for AWS Certification exams, and continue driving innovative solutions to AWS customers.

We always like to hear how these credits impact APN Partners. If you have feedback or a customer success story you’d like to share, please email us at

Product Roadmaps and Feature Release Previews

Exclusive information about AWS product roadmaps and feature release previews are delivered to you by AWS service teams through virtual or in-person sessions. Invitations are sent to APN Alliance Leads for sessions related to your AWS Service Delivery designations.

Your company must have a signed NDA with AWS to attend. Ask your APN representative if you need help signing an NDA to participate in these exclusive events.

AWS Partner Solutions Finder Priority

AWS Partner Solutions Finder enables customers to easily search for and connect with APN Partners based on their business needs. As an AWS Service Delivery Partner, you get priority ranking in customer search results for specific AWS services.

On your Partner Solutions Finder listing page, customers can learn about your business and see your APN program designations, read case studies, browse your office locations, and submit a contact request that will be emailed to your APN Alliance Lead.

APN Go-to-Market Features

The APN Blog is one of the most-read blogs at AWS. Each month, we highlight new AWS Service Delivery Partners in a welcome post that links customers directly to your Partner Solutions Finder listing. Every AWS Service Delivery Partner is recognized for the designation they achieve, whether they are new to the program or securing additional designations.

AWS Service Delivery Partners are also eligible to write guest posts for the APN Blog. These can be technical deep dives, solution showcases, or customer success stories.

Additionally, AWS Service Delivery is one of five qualifying programs to publish partner videos on AWS Partner Network TV (APN TV). AWS-produced and APN Partner-produced video content is shared on this AWS web property, letting customers know how you are building new and innovative solutions on AWS.

With APN TV, customers can discover videos that show how AWS customers in similar situations have teamed up with AWS Service Delivery Partners such as tecRacer, Cloudreach, Accenture, and Cedrus to drive better business and bigger results. Videos on APN TV includes demos, interviews, and webinars featuring APN Partners.

Please connect with your APN representative to learn more about the submission process for GTM channels like the APN Blog and APN TV.

APN Badge and Program Logos

AWS Service Delivery Partners can market theire achievements to customers through a customizable APN Badge that showcases your service-specific designation. You also have access to use the official AWS Service Delivery Program logo in your GTM efforts.

Download AWS Service Delivery program logos and usage guide in APN Partner Central (login required) within the “Content” tab. Access to APN Badge Manager is found on the left side of the page once you log in.

Priority Consideration for Additional Benefits

Beyond the core benefits listed above, AWS Service Delivery Partners qualify for additional benefits and opportunities with AWS because of their proven experience with AWS services and customers. These additional benefits and opportunities are unlocked with your AWS Service Delivery Program participation.

Additional APN Partner engagement is necessary to realize the benefits listed below.

For example, by participating in the AWS Service Delivery Program, you already meet the prerequisite to participate in the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) program but still need to complete other program requirements.

Read more about these additional benefits:

  • ACE Eligibility: AWS Service Delivery is one of six APN differentiation programs that meets the requirement for APN Partners to become ACE eligible. Through the ACE program, qualifying APN Partners can receive AWS lead and opportunity referrals through the ACE Pipeline Manager.
    By using the ACE Pipeline Manager in APN Partner Central, you can share customer opportunities with AWS sales, and demonstrate your specialization and customer experience through customer wins. By sharing and working with AWS sales, you build trust and increase your potential of receiving opportunities from AWS.
    There are additional requirements to remain ACE eligible, and you can learn more in APN Partner Central. Watch the new ACE how-to videos in the “Webcast” tab, and review ACE resources in the “Content” tab, including the ACE Pipeline Manager User Guide, ACE Program Opportunity Referrals Cheat Sheet, and ACE Program Opportunity Referrals FAQs.
  • Special Engagements: When AWS events are being planned, APN Partners in differentiation programs such as AWS Service Delivery are considered first. For example, you are among the first to receive sponsorship opportunities for events like AWS re:Invent and AWS re:Inforce.
    Other events you may get invited to include APN Partner speaking engagements, AWS service bootcamps, AWS GameDays, focus groups, and marketing campaigns. Invitations to special events are sent via email to APN Alliance Leads. Make sure your contacts are up to date in APN Partner Central.

AWS Service-Specific Benefits

Several AWS Service Delivery designations offer unique benefits like funding, discounts, and even deeper learning opportunities for your team. Connect with your APN representative to learn more about funding and discounted pricing.

Currently, we offer service-specific benefits for these designations:

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