Guest post by Ragi Mahil, Principal PMM for Serverless, AWS

Have you been looking at ways to refactor your application with the least amount of time and development effort? Or are you thinking about modernizing your technology to scale faster after having just secured your round of VC Funding? A serverless-first approach could be your best bet to increase development velocity no matter what your startup needs are. That’s the beauty of serverless – build fast, scale faster.

To learn more about growing your startup with a serverless-first approach, join us at the AWS Serverless-First Function. The two-day virtual event begins on May 21st, featuring sessions by organizational leaders, as well as an introduction from Amazon CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels. On May 28, hundreds of startups, large organizations, and AWS experts will virtually gather to teach builders of all expertise levels in building and operating serverless applications.

“Because of the speed of prototyping and low cost of entry, serverless is an amazing fit for startups,” states AWS Senior Developer Advocate Eric Johnson. “This conference is a must-see as it walks through a serverless application from the first line of code to an automated production pipeline with observability and performance tuning built-in.”

Serverless experts will build upon common architectural patterns and event-driven designs. They will show you how to implement automated release pipelines and teach you how to optimize your Lambda functions. Experts will discuss recent and powerful serverless feature releases, and how to build, maintain, and get the most out of your serverless applications. “With live Q&A throughout, we’re also on-hand to answer questions in this one-of-a-kind event,” says Senior Developer Advocate James Beswick.

To join the event, register here. You can find the highlights from the program schedule below:

May 21: Serverless for your Organization

With the goal of giving you real-world tactics for transforming your organization, today’s sessions bring you insights, ideas, and learnings from AWS leaders, customers, market analysts, and more. The following sessions offer you the opportunity to hear from voices inside and outside of AWS.

8:30 AM PST | 11:30 AM EST with AWS VP of Serverless, David Richardson

How operations change as your organization embraces event-driven architectures

In this session, David Richardson discusses serverless security best practices and benefits. Richardson will cover how operations teams can implement governance with APIs and events.

10:10 AM PST | 1:10 PM EST with Workgrid Software Head of Cloud Engineering, Gillian McCann

Built Serverless-First: How Workgrid Software transformed from a Liberty Mutual project to its own global startup

Connected through a central IT team, Liberty Mutual has embraced serverless since AWS Lambda’s inception in 2014. In this session, Gillian McCann discusses Workgrid’s serverless journey—from internal microservices project within Liberty Mutual to independent business entity, all built serverless-first. Introduction by AWS Principal Serverless SA, Sam Dengler.

11:30 AM PST | 2:30 PM EST featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond

Market insights: A conversation with Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond & Director of Product for Lambda, Ajay Nair

In this session, guest speaker Jeffrey Hammond and Director of Product for AWS Lambda, Ajay Nair, discuss the state of serverless, Lambda-based architectural approaches, Functions-as-a-Service platforms, and more. You’ll learn about the high-level and enduring enterprise patterns and advancements that analysts see driving the market today and determining the market in the future.

May 28: Serverless for your Application

Join these sessions to learn end-to-end best practices for building serverless applications. Kicked off by a conversation with AWS SVP Charlie Bell, today’s sessions will offer a complete builder’s guide for serverless applications, starting with the basics and culminating in ways to fine-tune your serverless applications to ensure maximum performance and your highest ROI.

8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST with AWS SVP, Charlie Bell

Navigating the new world of serverless: VP of Application Integration Jesse Dougherty interviews Charlie Bell, SVP at AWS

In this session, AWS VP of Application Integration Jesse Dougherty interviews AWS SVP Charlie Bell about serverless operations today-they’ll discuss how AWS uses serverless and the benefits AWS teams get from adopting serverless-first

8:30 AM PST | 11:30 AM EST with Sr. Developer Advocate, Ben Smith

Building serverless web applications

In this session, follow along as Ben Smith shows you how to build and deploy a completely serverless web application from scratch. The application will span from a mobile friendly front end to complex business logic on the back end.

11:30 AM PST | 2:30 PM EST with Sr. Developer Advocate, James Beswick

Performance tuning for serverless web applications

In this session, James Beswick shows you how to get the most from your serverless backend. He will cover how to reduce and eliminate cold starts, how to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and how to measure application performance.

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