With great pride and pleasure, we are happy to announce the launch of our new Hadoop basics training course.

Over the years, the importance of data has continued to increase considerably. Therefore, enterprises need a reliable and competent talent for helping them leverage the optimal value from business data. The amount of data generated by businesses is increasing substantially with every passing day.

So, organizations would have to face considerable difficulties in rounding up on reliable professionals capable of deriving helpful insights from the data. As the world moves ahead, we would find new technologies and systems for storage and processing of additional data. However, experts state that companies that are capable of leveraging the power of Hadoop would gain the best results from big data. 

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In the following discussion, we would point out the details of our new Hadoop basics online course. However, readers can also explore the importance of learning Hadoop basics in this discussion before reflecting on our new course.

What is Hadoop?

Before starting your Hadoop basics online training, it is extremely important to know what Hadoop is! Hadoop is an open-source software framework that is ideal for data storage and running applications on a distributed hardware environment. The effectiveness of Hadoop lies primarily in the facility of massive storage for different types of data.

Furthermore, you can also notice the exceptional processing power of Hadoop and its ability for managing an unlimited number of concurrent jobs or tasks. The distributed file system with Hadoop helps in achieving faster data transfer rates between nodes. In addition, it also enables seamless operations even in case of node failures. Basically, you can consider Hadoop as the system that helps you store and process big data effectively. 

Importance of Hadoop

So, what are the potential reasons for such large-scale popularity of Hadoop? That’s the question that might be revolving around the minds of readers who are doubtful regarding the reasons to learn Hadoop. Therefore, you should take a look at the following aspects before you learn Hadoop basics. 

  • Enterprises face considerable challenges for faster storage and processing of different types of data. This challenge becomes highly prominent with the substantial improvements in the variety and volume of data generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media. 
  • As discussed above, the distributed computing model of Hadoop is a prominent reason for its popularity. The distributed computing model not only increases the processing power with the addition of nodes but also ensures faster data processing. 
  • Safeguards against hardware failure and automatic storage of multiple copies of data present promising advantages of fault tolerance for enterprises.

Our Hadoop basics training course will also help you discover the benefits of flexibility, scalability and low cost. You don’t have to follow any considerations for processing the data before storing it.

Furthermore, Hadoop is open-source, and you would use commodity hardware only for storing large volumes of data. In terms of scalability, all you have to do is add nodes, and with a little administration, you can get big data processing right in any circumstance. 

Ideal Target Audience

The new Hadoop basics training course of Whizlabs is ideal for different cloud-based and on-premises job roles in the IT sector. The training course is ideal for database administrators, data analysts, business analysts, experienced JavaScript professionals, software testing professionals, and IT managers. The training course will serve as a promising instrument for taking ahead your career in big data job roles. 

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Why Do You Need to Learn Hadoop?

Many readers would still have doubts on their minds about the scope for a career by learning Hadoop. You may think that Hadoop obviously has many benefits for enterprises, but how is it going to help you career-wise? Take a look at the following pointers to know why you need to take Hadoop basics online training right now! 

  • Demand for Professionals with Hands-on Experience in Hadoop

Undoubtedly, enterprises go for Hadoop to ensure the conversion of big data into small chunks of manageable data for the objectives of organizational data processing and analysis. However, enterprises don’t look for any individual with knowledge about the definition and advantages of Hadoop.

Enterprises need expert professionals with promising fluency and hands-on experience with Hadoop. Therefore, our new Hadoop basics training course can help you earn hands-on experience with Hadoop.

  • The Big Companies are Using Hadoop

The next important fact that can strengthen your resolve to pursue Hadoop basics is the increasing adoption of Hadoop by notable names in Big Tech. Presently, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook use Hadoop, and that is enough to spark the interest of a tech enthusiast to register for our new Hadoop training course. 

  • The Employment Opportunities Get Bigger Everyday

Apart from the fact that enterprises, and the top ones at that, are looking for professionals with hands-on experience in Hadoop. Certain reports suggest that organizations are struggling with the talent gap for competent Hadoop professionals.

In addition, enterprises have to provide training from third-party services to employees for managing their big data workloads on Hadoop. As a result, the job opportunities related to Hadoop have been witnessing an upward curve in recent times. So, it is clear that there is a considerable shortage of Hadoop professionals in the existing IT labor market. 

Whizlabs Hadoop Basics Training Course

If you have been stumbling across many setbacks in finding a reliable Hadoop basics training course, then you have just found some relief! Our new Whizlabs Hadoop basics course is the perfect pick for you if you want to learn Hadoop in the most engaging way possible. Here is an outline of the content in our new Hadoop training course.


Duration of Training Video

Big Data

00:19:48 minutes

Data Analysis and Streaming

00:31:52 minutes

Data Models

00:31:38 minutes

Hadoop on the Cloud- Managed Solutions

00:29:50 minutes

Demo- Installation

00:15:04 minutes

Demo- Hadoop Hive a GCP

00:34:56 minutes

Demo- Python

00:14:11 minutes

Demo- Python with Hadoop

00:23:06 minutes


How Does Our Hadoop Basics Training Course Help You?

Here is an outline of the ways in which our new Hadoop basics training course will help you. 

  • With just over 3 hours of training videos to learn Hadoop basics, our new course is definitely a winner! You don’t have to spend endless hours trying to grab the basic concepts of Hadoop. In just eight simple lectures, including practical demonstrations, you can master the basics of Hadoop.
  • Unlimited access to our new training course on all device platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, and Mac devices offers you the facility to learn conveniently. You don’t have to worry about the expiry of the training course. Therefore, you can easily learn from our Hadoop training course while addressing other significant responsibilities. 
  • The next important highlight of our Hadoop basics training course is the extensive coverage of all basic topics. Starting from big data and reflections on the importance of data analysis and streaming, you can explore a massive repository of information about Hadoop basics with demonstration videos. 

Have any questions regarding Hadoop Basics online course? Submit your query in the Whizlabs Forum and get answers from the experts.

Are You Ready to Learn the Basics of Hadoop?

Now, you are ready to start with your first step in a long career in the field of big data. The many benefits of our new Hadoop training course for every aspiring big data professional are unquestionable. Most important of all, Whizlabs provides you with the assurance of support at any time you need.

Whether you have trouble accessing the course or you don’t understand any topic in the course, our support team is always at your disposal. Adding up to all the benefits, you also get a 100% moneyback guarantee with our new Hadoop basics online training course.

Enroll now to set sail for a promising career ahead! 

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