One of the notable technological advancements in recent times, DevOps, has completely transformed the way of IT operations. DevOps experts are capable of finding high-paying jobs in various notable enterprises all over the world. Therefore, the demand for certifications in popular DevOps tools such as Puppet is increasing considerably. If you are searching for ideal resources and guidance on Puppet 206 exam preparation, then you have come to the right place!

The Puppet 206 exam is the key for candidates to achieve the credential of a Puppet Professional. Over 35,000 enterprises worldwide use Puppet, thereby indicating the potential career promises with Puppet professional certification. In addition, the DevOps report of Puppet clearly establishes that Puppet practitioners have higher salaries in the industry.

Undoubtedly, professional certifications are the proven instrument for proving experience in system administration, improving industry credibility, and becoming a member of a massive, highly engaged community of Puppet users. 

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The following discussion would present important details about the Puppet 206 certification exam. Aspiring candidates could use the following discussion as a preparation guide for puppet certification to know all about the Puppet 206 certification exam. Basic details of the exam and important requirements for the exam can help candidates find the ideal foundation to start their preparations.

Most important of all, the detailed outline of exam objectives in Puppet 206 certification can help candidates explore the topics to study for the exam. Finally, the discussion would outline clear steps for candidates to prepare for the Puppet 206 certification exam. The pointers for preparation reflect on the recommended best practices by experts and qualified professionals. 

Puppet 206: System Administration Using Puppet Certification Exam 

Before diving into important details about Puppet 206 exam preparation, it is essential to know about the exam itself. Puppet certifications are the standard tools for validating and recognizing the IT professionals with technical capabilities and hands-on experience for the management of infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.

The Puppet certifications test the skills of candidates in all stages of infrastructure management lifecycle such as provisioning, configuration, patch management, and compliance. Candidates can prove their expertise in using the Puppet IT automation software for the management of infrastructure.

Since the Puppet certification exams aim at measuring the skills of candidates in using Puppet, the questions can be challenging. Passing the current Puppet Professional exam, i.e. Puppet 206 exam would help candidates obtain the Puppet Professional 2018 Certification. In addition, candidates will also get the recognition as a Puppet Certified Professional by qualifying the Puppet 206 exam. 

Now, readers can know the ideal target audience for the Puppet 206 certification exam. Puppet 206 exam preparation also ensures that a candidate is capable of taking on the professional responsibilities of a Puppet Certified Professional. Certified candidates can use Puppet for the administration of system infrastructure and ensure the development of basic modules such as external data sources and data separation. 

Requirements for the Puppet 206 Certification Exam 

Candidates should also note the important requirements for the Puppet Professional Certification exam before starting their preparations. It is important to note that there are no hardbound prerequisites for taking the Puppet 206 certification exam. Candidates don’t have to clear any additional exam or course prerequisites to sit for the Puppet 206 exam. However, the following recommended knowledge and training requirements can improve the readiness of candidates for the exam.  

  • Comprehensive fluency in the ideal Puppet documentation 
  • Skills for maintenance of relevant OS components 
  • Knowledge of accepted practices as per documentation in the Puppet Language Style Guide 
  • Hands-on experience with Puppet IT automation software

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Basic Information about the Puppet Professional Certification Exam

Now, candidates should learn about the unique details of the exam that can help them know the overall exam format. First of all, the name of the exam is Puppet 206- System Administration using the Puppet exam, and code is PPT-206. The exam would be delivered in an online, proctored environment. Candidates will have to appear for the exam in a computer-based format with 60 multiple-choice performance-oriented questions.

The exam supports the Open source Puppet versions 5.5.0 and later as well as Puppet Enterprise versions 2018.1 and later. Candidates should also note in their Puppet 206 exam preparation that it will test the capabilities in Puppet Enterprise as well as open-source Puppet. Candidates should also notice the major requirements for the exam environment. Here are the crucial pointers candidates have to look into for maintaining the integrity of the exam environment.

  • Candidates should present a government-issued photo ID card during the exam.
  • Candidates should be alone in the room.
  • The room should be quiet, and candidates should avoid talking throughout the duration of the exam.
  • Candidates should not have any phones or any other connected devices with them.
  • Candidates should not leave their seat during the exam.
  • Clean desk and work area are mandatory for the exam.
  • Dual monitors are not allowed in the exam.
  • Candidates must ensure stable internet and power connections throughout the exam.
  • Candidates should ensure that the webcam, microphone, and speakers stay on throughout the exam duration.

Domains Covered: Puppet 206 Exam Objectives

After observation of the basic details of the Puppet 206 exam such as prerequisites and ideal audience for the exam, it is important to reflect on the exam objectives. Looking closely at the exam objectives can help us identify the topics that you should study for the Puppet 206 exam preparation. Here is an outline of the exam objectives with an outline of subtopics in each objective. 

Domain 1: Classification 

  • Description of classification strategies
  • Description of multiple ways to establish class parameters and variables 

Domain 2: Troubleshooting

  • Description of methods to troubleshoot Puppet code
  • Description of methods to troubleshoot Core Puppet Platform components

Domain 3: Module Authoring

  • Description of methods to find and use models from the Forge
  • Demonstration of knowledge regarding module structure
  • Describing the ways for designing and deploying roles and profiles
  • Identification of best practices for module testing

Domain 4: Concepts

  • Description of resource abstraction
  • Demonstrating a thorough knowledge of idempotence
  • Description of methods to use Puppet facts
  • Describing the Puppet agent run lifecycle

Domain 5: Language

  • Description of methods to use Puppet language constructs
  • Description of ways in which Hiera provides data
  • Describing the methods for specifying dependencies in Puppet code
  • Describing the ways of using PuppetDB data

Domain 6: Orchestration and Tasks

  • Describing the methods for executing Bolt and Orchestrator actions
  • Describing how to create a Puppet Task

Domain 7: Environments

  • Demonstrating an understanding of Puppet environments
  • Demonstration of knowledge regarding code deployment strategies

Domain 8: Administration

  • Description of Puppet infrastructure architecture
  • Identification of integration points for Core Puppet Platform components
  • Description of methods for configuration of Open Source Puppet and Puppet Enterprise
  • Demonstration of Puppet reporting skills

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Comprehensive Guide to Prepare for Puppet 206 Certification Exam 

After you have reviewed all the exam topics that you should study for your Puppet 206 exam preparation, it is important to search for the ideal methods for preparation. Most of the candidates don’t have access to proper guidance on how to start their preparations. However, you don’t have to worry when you have the following Puppet 206 exam preparation guide. The following steps will guide you through the best practices to follow for successful preparation for the Puppet 206 certification exam. 

  • Review the Official Exam Information

The first step for any candidate in any preparation guide for Puppet certification is the official certification page. Candidates should access the official certification page of Puppet 206- System administration using the Puppet exam. You can easily get there through the official website of Puppet and start your preparation right away.

The reason to visit the official certification page is the facility of detailed and updated information about the Puppet 206 exam. Reviewing the official information enhances confidence in candidates alongside helping them verify their readiness for the exam. 

  • Create a Study Guide

The next important element of attention for candidates is the Puppet 206 study guide. The outline of the exam objectives and subtopics for each objective provide a detailed impression of the ideal study guide an individual should follow. You can use the exam objectives to create your own Puppet 206 study guide aligning with all the exam objectives.

Candidates can include the suitable learning resources they have to refer to for each subtopic. As a result, candidates would not face difficulty in covering the total syllabus for the Puppet 206 certification exam. 

  • Use Official Documentation as Learning Resources

Candidates can never undermine the value of learning resources for their Puppet 206 exam preparation. It is highly essential for candidates to explore the official documentation by Puppet as reliable learning resources. The documentation for Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 and the Puppet Language Style Guide can help candidates explore a lot of insights on the functionalities of Puppet. Most important of all, the documentation can help candidates establish the practical knowledge required for dealing with performance-based questions. 

  • Train Harder for the Exam

One of the critical concerns for candidates in their preparation for the Puppet 206 certification exam is training. Candidates should get appropriate training before participating in the Puppet 206 certification exam. However, the official website of Puppet recommends two essential training courses to support the Puppet 206 exam preparation of candidates.

You should complete the “Getting Started with Puppet” and “Puppet Practitioner” training courses to prepare effectively for the exam. The courses also include practical lab demonstrations of basic concepts regarding infrastructure management using Puppet solutions. Candidates could improve their expertise in Puppet, Puppet Development Kit, tasks, and Bolt and Puppet Forge.

In addition, candidates can also develop command over the tools and resources required for infrastructure automation with the Whizlabs Puppet 206 Training Course. Furthermore, the courses can also help candidates in honing their abilities for designing, building, and extending modules from Puppet Forge. Subsequently, they would also focus on the best practices for the implementation of roles and profiles. 

  • Practice Thoroughly

After completing the training courses, candidates should opt for practice tests, exam dumps, or sample questions for their preparations. It is important to note that your Puppet 206 exam preparation would remain incomplete without regular practice. If you think that studying the concepts and practical use cases can get you through the Puppet 206 certification exam in the first attempt, then you are wrong.

Practice tests and sample questions help you review your existing skills and capabilities for the exam. They provide a hands-on impression of the exam topics you are underperforming in thereby allowing you to improvise before the exam. Use practice tests to your advantage for reflecting on new approaches for solving questions of the Puppet 206 certification exam. Gradually, you would find the questions in the Puppet 206 certification exam easier to solve. 

  • Clear All Your Doubts 

The final concerns that candidates should focus on while preparing for the Puppet 206 certification exam refer to candidate doubts. Candidates should have many doubts during their preparations. Confusion can result in considerable damage to the concentration of candidates as they would face constant worries.

Therefore, it is highly important for candidates to review the exam process thoroughly if they have any doubts. Furthermore, candidates always have the option of reviewing the candidate FAQs that can provide a comprehensive answer to doubts regarding scheduling, registering, and taking the exam. 

  • Check the Exam Environment 

Another important factor that candidates should address before starting their Puppet 206 exam preparation is to validate their exam environment. Candidates have to verify their browser’s compatibility with the exam. Another important concern for candidates during their preparation is to test the communication and bandwidth of their internet connection. Candidates have to ensure that their microphone, webcam, and speaker are working in perfect condition.

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Ready to Prepare for Puppet 206 Certification Exam?

So, now you can go ahead and start preparing for the Puppet 206 certification exam. As you can see, there are many advantages to becoming a certified Puppet professional. However, the challenges of preparing for the exam are also formidable. Therefore, candidates have to follow all the best practices to prepare effectively for the Puppet 206 exam.

Apart from the pointers mentioned here, candidates should also follow other crucial measures for successful preparation. One of the trusted methods to gain new perspectives on preparation for the Puppet 206 exam is participation in online communities. Study groups and community forums, especially related to DevOps, are great platforms for discussion about top DevOps tools such as Puppet.

The variety of information alongside the presence of subject matter experts on such platforms can improve your chances of qualifying the exam. Finally, you have to take care of your health at all costs to avoid any form of issues later. A healthy state of mind can help you solve the questions faster and think proactively.

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