AWS Step Functions allows to represent complex business logic flows in your application without using custom code. You can trigger Step Functions workflows from S3 events, enabling you to build scalable state machine easily. This design can be used for all sorts of practical business use-cases. For example, saving a signed customer contract from an email into a S3 bucket could start a work-order process.

In this example, I create a workflow that’s triggered by photos stored in an S3 bucket. If the photo is a picture of a cat, it causes one Lambda function to run. If it’s a dog, it triggers another Lambda function. It’s a simple example you can easily extend for your own needs. All the code is available in a GitHub repo.

This series is about the S3-to-Lambda serverless design pattern, and how it can become a flexible core for your serverless applications. To learn more, see the other videos in this series.

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