Some of the largest enterprises in the world are currently running their SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure. Since these SAP applications are mission critical, a delay or disruption of service for even a minute can have a significant financial and reputational impact on an organization.

To help our customers effectively monitor their SAP on Azure deployments, today we are announcing the preview of Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions. With this Azure-native monitoring solution, customers running their SAP landscapes on Azure now have access to simplified monitoring, efficient troubleshooting, and flexible customizations. Watch Introducing Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions on Azure Friday.

Before we announced a private preview of Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions in September 2019 we heard from customers that they relied on complex and unmanageable disparate tools and dashboards. Customers wanted to collect the required SAP telemetry in one location for an end-to-end view to easily recognize patterns and correlate data between various components within their SAP landscapes.

“Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions enables infrastructure teams to quickly identify the state of the enterprise critical SAP HANA DB without being an SAP HANA Expert. We had several occasions where functional teams pointed at infrastructure for system issue and with the use of the monitor we could quickly confirm or point at the real root cause for the issue. The tool speeds up the time it takes to identify who needs to be involved in solving whatever problem the customer faces…”Thomas Kremer, Sr. Manager II Cloud and Service Delivery, Walgreens

Key features of Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions

Key features of Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions include:

  • Multi-instance/multi-provider: Customers can get telemetry data from multiple systems of the same source system type or from multiple systems of different source system types. For example, customers can deploy just one monitoring resource to monitor multiple SAP HANA instances and multiple Pacemaker clusters.
  • SAP HANA DB telemetry: Customers can collect and view HANA Backup and HSR telemetry, in addition to the infrastructure utilization data from various SAP HANA instances in one location with the Azure portal.
  • Microsoft SQL Server telemetry: Customers can get telemetry from Microsoft SQL Server, can visualize and correlate telemetry data—such as CPU and memory with top SQL statements—and can also get information about ‘Always On.’
  • High-availability (HA) cluster telemetry: Customers can get telemetry data from Pacemaker clusters and identify which clusters are healthy versus unhealthy and correlate this with the health of underlying node and resource health.

Benefits of Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions

Benefits of Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions include the ability to:

  • Easily collect and consolidate telemetry data from Azure infrastructure and databases in a central location, independent of the underlying infrastructure (Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Large Instances, or both). Customers can use this data to visually correlate telemetry between different components for faster troubleshooting.
  • Create Azure dashboards to see telemetry from both the SAP and non-SAP components running on Azure. This can be done with ‘pinning’ to combine telemetry from Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (used to monitor SAP landscape components) with telemetry from Application Insights or Log analytics (used to monitor non-SAP components).
  • Edit the visualizations to create customized charts and graphs. Customers can run custom Kusto queries on the raw data collected by Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions to identify patterns, configure alerts to get proactive notifications, and configure custom data retention period to retain telemetry data for trend analysis.
  • Integrate with Azure Lighthouse. With this, partners can view telemetry across different tenants as per appropriate access policies. This enables partners to help their customers with monitoring and troubleshooting their SAP on Azure landscapes.

In addition, Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions is open source, so customers can see the inner workings of the product and offer feedback by visiting this GitHub repository.

Pricing and availability

  • Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions is available in West Europe, East US, East US 2, and West US 2.
  • There is no licensing fee for the product. Customers only pay for the underlying infrastructure which is deployed as part of the product.

Learn more

To learn more about the product and pricing, check out the Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions documentation. To get started, watch this QuickStart video and head to Azure Marketplace to create your first resource.