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How Belle Fleur Uses APN Navigate to Differentiate its Business and Earn Trust with Customers

By Jordy Covington, APN Navigate Product Manager

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For Belle Fleur Technologies, it’s all about the data.

An AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS Service Delivery designations in Amazon QuickSight and AWS Lambda, Belle Fleur has a proven track record of helping customers deliver high-quality software in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner.

Belle Fleur is also an AWS Well-Architected Partner and member of the APN Immersion Days program. They offer a wide portfolio of AWS solution labs and managed services, including DevOps, serverless, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and DataOps.

Belle Fleur delivers new customer experiences through their solutions, proactively helping clients to drive change, take control of their digital destiny, and deliver on the attributes of a digital business.

But how did this cloud-native company focusing on data science, analytics, and AI solutions build their Amazon Web Services (AWS) practice and grow to become such a trusted APN Partner?

In this post, I will explore how Belle Fleur is leveraging the APN Navigate program specifically to accelerate customers to market through a variety of AWS services and solutions.

About APN Navigate

APN Navigate is how many organizations are moving through their APN journey and leveraging exclusive tools and resources to grow their business.

With prescriptive guidance from trusted AWS experts, APN Navigate provides a step-by-step path to help organizations build, market, sell, and specialize as an APN Partner. You’ll develop core go-to-market assets and prepare for APN Program designations that highlight your expertise and earn trust with customers.

Every APN Partner, regardless of tier, can participate in the APN Navigate program, where you’ll get access to business and technical resources that can transform your business and increase visibility with AWS.

Learn more about APN Navigate >>

Meeting Customer Demand

In today’s tech-driven world, customers want to build and run applications and services quickly without thinking about servers, and to make the most of their generated data so they can drive measurable outcomes for the business.

Before starting its APN Navigate journey, many of Belle Fleur’s pipeline customers were looking for serverless solutions. Customers also wanted a contact center, leveraging Amazon Connect for intaking data, and from there they began asking for data insights and forecasting through machine learning solutions.

Belle Fleur focused on how to provide value to customers across this broad spectrum of solutions. But leadership knew they needed to onboard team members into these service areas so they could specialize, earn trust, and deliver for customers.

Through an exclusive AWS Partnercast webinar titled How to Achieve APN Tier Compliance Through APN Navigate, Tia Dubuisson, Founder and President of Belle Fleur Technologies, saw an opportunity for her organization to scale quickly through the APN.

Dubuisson felt Belle Fleur could leverage APN Navigate as the business transformation framework to meet its goal of achieving APN Premier Tier status—a path that includes multiple APN technical validations, AWS Certifications, AWS Accreditations, and publicly referenceable customers.

“APN Navigate is helping us to fast-track onboarding our newest headcount so they can provide working software sooner for our customers,” says Dubuisson. “In addition, Navigate is helping us to organize the collection of the collateral needed to apply for AWS Competencies.”

Belle Fleur initially chose to participate in the “APN Navigate for Serverless” specialization track, choosing to focus on this area first to quickly share the cost-savings of serverless with their customers.


How APN Navigate Works

The first step in any APN Navigate specialization track is completing key enrollment trainings to best equip organizations to complete activities and engage with AWS experts.

Navigate participants gain access to a toolbox that includes a step-by-step checklist with milestones to share your progress with AWS. Also included is the “Deep Dive Resource Guide” featuring business and technical enablement content to enhance each specialization journey.

Belle Fleur’s team dove into the toolboxes and learned about the best practices tied to each AWS service or solution area. Through e-learnings, videos, and hands-on tutorials and workshops, participants grew their knowledge in areas that would better serve Belle Fleur’s customers. This included serverless cost-savings, DevOps push-button automation, and application and data management.

Belle Fleur shared its accomplishments with AWS through the milestone checkpoints in their Navigate checklists. This progress, and the demonstrated commitment to AWS services, enhanced Belle Fleur’s visibility with AWS teams, leading to strategic discussions around future customer engagements.

Differentiating Your Business

After progressing in a matter of weeks through the APN Navigate track for Serverless, Belle Fleur was able to achieve its AWS Service Delivery designation in AWS Lambda. This was attained less than one month after an initial meeting with the AWS Serverless team.

“We were able to navigate and get it done, pun intended,” says Jacques Dubuisson, CEO and Founder at Belle Fleur.

As a result of working through APN Navigate tracks in areas critical to its business growth, Belle Fleur has strengthened internal engagement with AWS through alignment with key AWS experts and business teams.


With its current alignment with AWS, developed and strengthened through APN Navigate, Belle Fleur is able to approach a customer jointly, and share information to help them understand what they truly need for business solutions.

“Customers feel like innovators; it’s exciting for us and for our customers,” says Tia Dubuisson. “With all the programs and all of the teams available, APN Navigate truly lives up to its name to help you navigate everything.”

Looking forward, Belle Fleur is maintaining focus on their business goal of achieving APN Premier Tier and using APN Navigate to get there, signing up for four more specialization tracks—DevOps, Machine Learning, Contact Center, and End User Computing—to support building a specialized practice in each area.

Getting Started with APN Navigate

For Belle Fleur Technologies, APN Navigate changed how they work with customers. The program’s step-by-step guidance instilled confidence in team members that no matter what AWS customers ask for, Belle Fleur can deliver.

If your company is already an APN Select tier or above partner and looking to specialize in a specific AWS service area, solution, or workload, choose the APN Navigate specialization track that best supports your business goals.

If you’re new to the APN or a registered member, the APN Navigate Foundations path is custom-built to help registered members establish your business on AWS and achieve APN Select tier with step-by-step guidance, packaged into a custom toolbox.

The best part? Navigate is already in your APN Partner Central account. Check it out and get started today!


Belle Fleur Technologies – APN Partner Spotlight

Belle Fleur Technologies is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner. They offer a wide portfolio of AWS solution labs and managed services, including DevOps, serverless, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and DataOps.

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