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How PGS Software Strengthens its Business with Exclusive Tools and Resources from APN Navigate

By Jordy Covington, APN Navigate Product Manager

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When customers have a business idea but need support turning it into an expertly developed software solution, PGS Software S.A. is there to help them move existing applications to the cloud, transform legacy systems, and design cloud-native solutions.

PGS Software is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner that has been helping customers achieve digital transformation goals since 2005.

PGS Software’s deep relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) includes AWS Competencies in both Retail and DevOps, and an AWS Lambda Service Delivery designation.

They also participate in the AWS Solution Provider, APN Immersion Days, and AWS Well-Architected partner programs—all of which are designed to bring APN Partners and AWS customers together to create innovative solutions and drive measurable outcomes.

In this post, I will explore how PGS Software leverages the APN Navigate program to further their ability to differentiate and meet customers’ needs through a variety of AWS services and solutions.

About APN Navigate

APN Navigate is how many organizations are moving through their APN journey and leveraging exclusive tools and resources to grow their business.

With prescriptive guidance from trusted AWS experts, APN Navigate provides a step-by-step path to help organizations build, market, sell, and specialize as an APN Partner. You’ll develop core go-to-market assets and prepare for APN Program designations that highlight your expertise and earn trust with customers.

Every APN Partner, regardless of tier, can participate in APN Navigate, where you’ll get access to business and technical resources that can transform your business and increase visibility with AWS.

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Building Your APN Journey

While seeking new ways to build upon their AWS partnership, PGS Software’s Partner Development Manager (PDM) recommended they explore APN Navigate as a way to expand into new AWS specialization areas.

PGS Software has identified a goal of achieving APN Premier Tier status—a path that includes multiple APN technical validations, AWS Certifications, and publicly referenceable customers to showcase their depth of proven knowledge and experience.

PGS Software’s PDM felt that APN Navigate could help accelerate their journey to Premier Tier status.

After learning more about APN Navigate’s enablement framework that is custom built to support APN Partners’ growth, PGS Software fully committed to the program. They even restructured their teams to quickly tackle various AWS accreditations and technical trainings.

How Navigate Works

The first step in any APN Navigate specialization track is completing key enrollment trainings to best equip organizations to complete activities and engage with AWS experts.

Navigate participants gain access to a toolbox that includes a step-by-step checklist with milestones where you can share your progress with AWS. Also included is the “Deep Dive Resource Guide” featuring business and technical enablement content to enhance each specialization journey.

PGS Software enrolled in APN Navigate’s Blockchain, Machine Learning, Migration, and Serverless specialization tracks. Michal Brygidyn, Cloud Solutions Architect at PGS Software, says the team quickly found Navigate’s enablement content “told us exactly how to prepare and what we should do” to achieve designations such as AWS Competency and AWS Service Delivery.

Sharing their progress through APN Navigate’s checkpoints allowed PGS Software to highlight their expertise and gain further visibility with AWS experts as they worked toward multiple designations on their way towards achieving APN Premier tier status.


Business Transformation

Participating in APN Navigate has affected the entire project lifecycle when it comes to how PGS Software works with customers. “We are able to share more meaningful and more qualitative resources thanks to the guidelines that we’ve inherited from APN Navigate,” says Brygidyn.

With the added value of various trainings and accreditations resulting from their APN Navigate experience, he concludes that “people are starting to think out-of-the-box about the solutions we build, making us an innovation center for our customers.”

APN Navigate has further helped PGS Software improve project closures and distill key learnings among both staff and customers.

“Thanks to Navigate, we’ve got better quality information, which is used across sales and marketing, and internally people are guided by the AWS standards,” says Brygidyn.

Leveraging APN Navigate to Differentiate

Looking ahead, PGS Software is working on achieving additional AWS Competency designations to further differentiate their business.

APN Navigate is helping them to get there through its specialization track offerings, which support APN Partners in building a specialized practice around their AWS-based offerings.

Navigate has also enabled PGS Software to gain visibility with key AWS experts aligned to services or solutions, and to participate in strategic conversations around how to further their APN relationship and prepare for future designation efforts.

“Once you go through a checklist, you understand the bar and have the satisfaction that you’ve met it,” says Brygidyn. “Every next step with Service Delivery and Competency is much simpler thanks to APN Navigate.”

Getting Started with APN Navigate

If your company is already an APN Select tier or above partner and looking to specialize in a specific AWS service area, solution, or workload, choose the APN Navigate specialization track that best supports your business goals.

If you’re new to the APN or a registered member, the APN Navigate Foundations path is custom built to help registered members establish your business on AWS and achieve APN Select tier with step-by-step guidance, packaged into a custom toolbox.

The best part? APN Navigate is already in your Partner Central account. Get started today!


PGS Software S.A. – APN Partner Spotlight

PGS Software is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner. They have been helping customers achieve digital transformation goals since 2005. PGS Software’s deep relationship with AWS includes AWS Competencies in both Retail and DevOps, and an AWS Lambda Service Delivery designation.

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