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How TripleLift Built an Adtech Data Pipeline Processing Billions of Events Per Day


This is a guest post by Eunice Do, Data Engineer at TripleLift, a technology company leading the next generation of programmatic advertising.

What is the name of your system and where can we find out more about it?

The system is the data pipeline at TripleLift. TripleLift is an adtech company, and like most companies in this industry, we deal with high volumes of data on a daily basis. Over the last 3 years, the TripleLift data pipeline scaled from processing millions of events per day to processing billions. This processing can be summed up as the continuous aggregation and delivery of reporting data to users in a cost efficient manner. In this article, we’ll mostly be focusing on the current state of this multi-billion event pipeline.

To follow the 5 year journey leading up to the current state, check out this talk on the evolution of the TripleLift pipeline by our VP of Engineering.

Why did you decide to build this system?