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Join AWS at Collision from Home 2020

AWS is returning to the Collision conference for the fourth year. This year, the Collision conference will be the Collision From Home Conference, running completely virtually, bringing together over 30,000 virtual attendees from all over the world. We will have a variety of virtual activities and content to share, which include:

Virtual Mentor Hours aimed at providing hundreds of startups with the opportunity and time to ask one-on-one questions and connect with media experts, top speakers, and lead investors. Apply here!

The AWS Developer Workshop Theater will be broadcast virtually, featuring expert speakers from the AWS team around the world. They will cover a wide range of topics, from introducing AWS to those brand new to cloud computing, to diving into AI and Machine Learning. Whether you’re just getting started, or interested in diving deep in specific technologies or architecture patterns, join us. You can find the complete list of topics below:

·       Cost-effective planning for startups

·       Getting started with your first cloud application

·       An introduction to AWS for developers

·       What is ‘Serverless’ and how can it help me?

·       Building games to run and scale in the cloud

·       Tools for building your MVP on AWS

·       My robot, my caregiver

·       Getting started with AI in the cloud

·       Beginner’s guide to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

·       Data science on Amazon Web Services

·       Human-in-the-loop active learning and augmented AI

·       Not a machine learning expert? AutoML is here to help

·       An introduction to conversational interfaces

·       Manage your infrastructure as code on AWS

·       A gentle introduction to Kubernetes

·       Graph databases: The ally of well-connected developers

·       Full-stack development for cloud beginners

·       How to get the most from cloud storage

·       AWS security fundamentals

·       Resilience and availability: Design patterns for the cloud

Collision will also feature speaking sessions from Amazon leaders:

Bettina Stix, Senior Manager of Disaster Relief at Amazon (June 24 – 12 pm ET)

Can data save the world?

Reacting to humanitarian crises is incredibly difficult. There is no doubt that more – and better – use of data can help. In this session, we will hear from world leaders on the use of data to better respond to crises, and save lives.

Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of AI at AWS (June 24  – 2:35 pm ET)

No hype: Deploying real-world machine learning

Amazon has been building and using real-world machine learning systems for decades, from personalized product recommendations to forecasting and supply chain optimization. Now, with an abundance of available data coupled with massive amounts of inexpensive compute in the cloud, hear how all developers can deploy machine learning into their applications, including some of the same tech that powers

Tom Taylor, Head of Amazon Alexa (June 24 – 3:35 pm ET)

Alexa: The next frontier

Alexa has changed the way we use our voice – but as technology continues to change what we do, how will this device lead the way?

Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon (June 24 – 3:34 pm ET — Classic Replay Talk – from WebSummit 2017)

Werner Vogels says Amazon wants to talk to you

Alexa has become synonymous with smart speakers. As technology develops, Alexa becomes more and more able to talk back. Werner Vogels joined us at Web Summit in 2017 to talk about how and why Amazon wants to talk to you.

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