To help customers save on data warehouse migration costs and accelerate time-to-insight on critical SAP data, we are announcing two new analytics offers from Azure Synapse Analytics.

Business disruptions, tactical pivots, and remote work have all emphasized the critical role analytics plays for every organization. Uncharted situations demand charted performance insights, so businesses can quickly determine what is and is not working. In recent months, the urgency for these business-guiding insights has only been heightened—leading to a need for real-time analytics solutions. And equally important is the need to discover and share these insights in the most cost-effective manner.

Azure Synapse has you covered. It is the undisputed leader in price-performance and when compared to other cloud providers is up to 14 times faster and costs 94 percent less. In fact, businesses using Azure Synapse today report an average ROI of 271 percent.

To help customers get started today, we are announcing the following new offers aimed at empowering businesses to act now wherever they are on their cloud analytics journey.

Save up to 76 percent when migrating to Azure Synapse

For customers that use an on-premises data warehouse, migrating to the cloud offers both significant cost savings and accelerated access to innovative features. Today, customers experience cost savings with our existing reserved capacity discount for cloud data warehousing with Azure Synapse. To boost these cost savings further, today we are announcing a new limited time offer that provides additional savings on top of the existing reserved capacity discount—enabling qualifying customers who currently use an on-premises data warehouse to save up to 76 percent when migrating to Azure Synapse.

To learn more about the terms and conditions and the qualification criteria of this offer, contact your Microsoft account representative. The migration offer is available until January 31, 2021.

Gain breathtaking insights of your ERP data with new offering from Azure, Power BI, and Qlik Data Integration

For companies worldwide, SAP data is at the core of their business applications—housing critical information on sales, manufacturing, and financial processes. However, due to the inherent complexity of SAP systems, many organizations struggle to integrate SAP data into modern analytics projects. To enable businesses to gain real-time insights from their SAP data, we are announcing a new joint offer with Qlik (formerly Attunity) that brings Azure Synapse, Power BI, and Qlik Data Integration together for end-to-end supply chain intelligence, finance analytics, and more.

With this new offer, customers can now work with Azure, Power BI, and Qlik Data Integration to easily understand how to enable real-time insights on SAP data through a robust proof of value. This joint proof-of-value offer provides customers a free solution architecture workshop, software subscriptions, and hands-on technical expertise from dedicated personnel and resources from both Microsoft and Qlik.

What Azure Synapse and Qlick Data Integration offers customers.

To learn more about this joint offer and how to apply, register for the upcoming webinar.

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Migration offer details

The Azure Synapse Analytics reserved capacity plan for data warehousing (formerly SQL Data Warehouse) already enables customers to save up to 65 percent over pay-as-you-go pricing when they pre-pay for a three-year commitment. With this new migration offer, we are adding an extra 33 percent discount for three-year pre-commits that spend over $60,000/ year in year 2 and year 3 on SQL Data Warehouse Compute Optimized Gen2. Terms and conditions apply and can be discussed in full with your Microsoft account representative. More information on the Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL Data Warehouse) reserved capacity plan can be found on the pricing page.